Uncharted Waters.

I feel like I’m wrestling with myself during this season of uncharted waters.

I have so much time to think, to sit, to be in the presence of God without interruption, to pray, but how much of my time have I actually used to do those things?

I often find myself scrolling through social media, playing games on my phone, watching TV, mindless activities to keep my mind busy.

Why can’t I just be content with sitting with God?

Maybe this is it. Maybe this is what God needs to get my attention. He’s been begging me to rest, to sit still, and I’ve ignored it because I like keeping my mind occupied which is the exact opposite of what I should be doing.

What would it look like for my mind to be filled up with nothing but Jesus for a day? What would it look like to put the electronics down and go for a walk and just talk with God?

What would it look like to Sabbath just like He wants us to?

What would it look like to not waste this moment? What would it look like to not fear or be anxious about what comes next? When will I ever have a time that I am forced to be at home with very little work to do?

We can choose fear and sink into the waves, or we can fix our eyes on Jesus and travel on top of the waves to Him.

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough troubles of its own. – Matthew 6:34

Don’t be complacent in your faith in this moment. Use it as an opportunity to wake up every morning and get to know Him and His promises better.

I just finished this incredible book called “Get Out of Your Head” by Jennie Allen, and it talks about how we have a choice when we feel ourselves creeping toward the emotion of self-pity.

We can feel self-pity, think we are a victim to our circumstances, complain, place blame, and be unhappy. OR we can feel self-pity, choose to be grateful, think that our circumstances are an opportunity to experience God, give thanks, and feel joyful.

God, I thank You for this moment. I know I haven’t been perfect in it, but I know You have not forsaken me. I know You are working for my good. I pray You heal people around the world affected by this. I praise You for our doctors, nurses, healthcare administrators, clinical lab technicians, pharmacists, grocery store employees, anyone and everyone that does not have the luxury of staying home to wait this out. I pray for each person that is at home. This may be a dark time for some. Lord, show them that You are the light and will not forget them. I praise You for the ways educators are shifting their teaching so that students still get an education. I praise you for such advanced technology that allows us to communicate with all of our people from such far distances. Lord, thank You for who You are. I know I can trust You. I know I can believe You are who You say You are. We love YOU.



2 thoughts on “Uncharted Waters.

    1. You inspire me Grams! Hope you are safe and healthy during this quarantine; let me know if you need anything 🙂


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