Your Next Read: Diana Her True Story – In Her Own Words

Diana Her True Story – In Her Own Words has been in circulation for over 25 years. Upon being published in 1992, the British monarchy was viewed in a different light. The world now knew the thoughts and stories of an outsider looking in: Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales.

This isn’t usually my typical read but this book engrossed me from start to finish. I have always been fascinated by the life of Princess Diana and this novel allowed me to see the the good, bad and ugly of her life.

Diana worked with Andrew Morton in secret to record tapings for this book. This is the closest the world will ever get to an autobiography from the late Princess of Wales. Diana Her True Story – In Her Own Words has been revised to include the details in the aftermath of her death and how it greatly affected the British monarchy.

If you’re looking to learn a little about history and a beloved late princess, pick up a copy of Diana Her True Story – In Her Own Words today.

Rating: 4.5/5 very shiny gold stars.

Summary: Diana, Princess of Wales, sits down with Andrew Morton to get her side of the story into the hands of the world. For far too long, the British monarchy drove the storyline of her life, but by allowing this book to be published Diana gave the public another side to the story. The first half of the novel is Diana talking about anything and everything: Camilla Parker Bowles, her struggle with anorexia, her charity work, etc. The second half goes into greater detail about her life and the aftermath of her death.

Where to Order: Parnassus Books is currently selling the paperback version for $18. Click here to order your copy today.

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