Your Next Read: Get Out of Your Head

I heard Jennie Allen on a podcast one day speaking about her new book “Get Out of Your Head,” and I immediately ordered it. I often struggle with having my thoughts spiral out of control thinking up worst case situations when they’ll more than likely never happen.

When I ordered it months ago, I had no idea that when I would start reading it that I would need it more than ever as we sit and wait through this quarantine.

Rating: 4/5 stars.

Summary: Jennie Allen, founder of IF Gathering, speaks biblical truth over our lives and how to combat our thoughts with the Truth. She went through a season where she felt like her thoughts were out of control and far from God, and throughout this book she weaves together tactics to help each and every person fight the battles of their minds. My favorite part of the book are the pictures of spirals with different thought patterns. On one side, there is the spiral of thoughts going down not focused on Jesus and the life He has for us and on the other side there is a spiral going up that transitions through the actions we take to choose joy, acceptance, health, etc. A very timely read.

Where to Order: is giving Auburn Oil Bookstore 30% of the profits from books bought through their site. Click here to order your copy of “Get Out of Your Head” today and support your local bookstores!

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