On Easter Sunday, I was listening to a sermon when a thought crossed my mind: my life has been so caught up in what the next move will be that I haven’t been a part of the present.

When I would go to 9Round for a workout, I wouldn’t stretch before I started (unless I was waiting for someone to finish Round 1 and didn’t want to stand around looking like I was doing nothing.) I didn’t stretch because I’m always in a rush. My brain was constantly jumping to what I would be doing after a workout and figuring out how I could squeeze as much as I could into one day.

I rarely stopped to just be in a moment. If I was reading my Bible, I was scheduling out how long I could take on reading before I needed to jump into my next activity.

As I listened to Auburn Community Church’s Easter Service, the pastor said “Are we living a resurrected life?” He went on to discuss how many of us say that we are believers, but how many of us are truly living a resurrected life?

And the ironic part is, while I’m listening to this service I am stretching. No joke. It’s something I never did before quarantine, but now a lot of times while I’m watching a show or listening to a podcast I sit and stretch.

The difference it’s made has honestly freaked me out. It seems so silly and like common knowledge to do, but I just haven’t. I’ve had lots of back/hip pain on and off since my senior year of high school (thanks soccer!), but I’ve never been a consistent stretcher.

Now that I have an endless amount of free time, I stretch. Every day. I sleep better; I haven’t really had any back/hip pains, I run better and faster, and I feel more like myself.

My body had been wound up so tight for far too long, and I kind of feel like I’ve been this way mentally too. Have I been so focused on making my days as “efficient” as they can be that I’ve lost sight of living a life fully resurrected? A life where I take the time to stretch myself, knowing by doing this I can be a better asset for the kingdom?

It’s funny the thoughts brought to your mind in the most unexpected of moments. I’ve stretched myself too thin which isn’t really stretching at all. In reality, I’ve been closed-fist, clinging to control, aching, yet not slowing down long enough to take a deep breath in and sweep my hands to the floor, loosening up what’s been stiff for so long.

What are you doing today to live a resurrected life? Are you stretching and taking in the life God wants to give us in abundance? Or are you choosing to remain complacent and rigid?



ps, if you’re looking for a good way to stretch (physically), DownDog is allowing their apps to be used for free until July 1st for students and healthcare professionals and until May 1st for everyone else! Check them out!

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