Mowing the Lawn.

When I was in high school, I had to take a lawn mowing class. You read right. I was told I couldn’t graduate from high school unless I took this class (although I’m not so sure I believe that now…)

One vibrant spring day I climbed up onto a John Deere Zero Turn Mower. I sat down feeling a little nervous and began our test where I successfully ran over every safety orange cone in sight, turned the mower left when I was trying to go right, and barely missed smashing into the side of the middle school building.

I made a 53 on that test. It was my lowest grade in all of high school. A lawn mowing test?! I could memorize formulas and write essays, but once you put me in the driver’s seat surrounded by unfamiliar territory, I began to crash.

In the midst of this pandemic, I’ve had my fists tight clutching to an unfamiliar steering wheel. One I do not know how to navigate, yet I keep hitting the gas even when those around tell me to slow down and read the manual before I jump behind the wheel.

I’ve felt the Lord tugging me from the driver’s seat and asking me to watch Him tend to the yard before I try my hand at it. I hear Him asking me to soak up the sunshine while He drives and to open His guidebook and dive further into the instructions.

I can’t memorize and study my way through this moment; I have to rely on my Father who has steady hands on the wheel.

I proved I could have steady hands too, just in other ways. Like signing my lease the minute my soon-to-be landlord said lawn care would be included with rent. Pick your battles.

4 thoughts on “Mowing the Lawn.

  1. So so so good! HAHA! Pick your battles – I love it. A quote I use – there is power in the pause! Power in pausing when using our words, power in pausing with our actions, power in pausing our self-reliance! You go girl – sit back and let the Creator of Lawnmowers show you His way!

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    1. Thanks Masi!! I miss you so much. I love that quote. There is so much power in pause, but I’m having to learn lots of discipline in order to execute that pause. HA, Creator of Lawnmowers, that’s the best thing I’ve heard all day! Love you!


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