Your Next Read: All Along You Were Blooming

I’ve been following Morgan Harper Nichols on Instagram for quite some time now, and it feels long overdue that she have her work published into this beautiful book of poetry! I have no doubt you’ve probably read her poetry and seen some of her artwork, and I could not recommend a collection of poetry more. Every piece is so relatable. I read it when COVID-19 led us all to quarantine for months, and these words helped me have a peace of mind throughout this whole process.

Rating: 5/5 stars!!!

Summary: All Along You Were Blooming is divided into four sections: For The Heart (What You Feel), For The Mind (What You Think), For The Body (What You Do), For The Soul (Who You Are). Not only are words powerful, but the images and art that accompany each piece tie everything together in such a magical way.

I’ve always loved poetry, but this is one of the few modern collections that I really enjoyed. It’s timeless and something you’ll want to read over and over again. Morgan Harper Nichols writes her pieces based on the stories people submit to her through her website. She takes people’s stories and creates a piece that speaks to what they’ve gone through and Who their identity is wrapped up in. She sneaks in so many truths about what and who God says we are.

Favorite Piece: “This season she is learning the art of becoming, unashamedly stepping out from behind the iron gate she settled behind long ago.

She is stepping onto the cracked sidewalk overgrown with wild green, choosing to believe out here in the unfamiliar, in the open she is free to explore, discover, uncover who she is meant to be.”

Where to Order: Target has some copies for for $15; order here to get your copy today! And check out MHN’s store with all sorts of goodies. I’ve gotten some of her prints hanging up in my room to brighten it up!



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