Your Next Read: Unshakeable

Last fall, I met the sweetest human named Lauren Kinney. We have a mutual friend and we were both going with said friend to a Drew Holcomb album release mini concert. As soon as she got in the car I knew she was genuine and wise beyond her years. And now she’s written a BOOK!

Today is the launch of Lauren Kinney’s book, Unshakeable, and I recommend you getting it for all the high school seniors that have just graduated and are about to begin their college experience. Lauren keeps it real and honest, reminding us all that social media is never as it seems and each stage of life presents new challenges.

Also, all the proceeds from sales today will go to a family Lauren knows that recently lost their husband/father in a tragic accident. So, buy today!

Rating: 5/5 stars. Maybe I’m biased since I know Lauren, but I think that makes it even more special knowing the person behind these incredible stories.

Summary: Lauren left for her freshman year at Baylor, but she didn’t exactly feel like she thought she would about leaving home. Freshman year is hard. College is hard. You expect you roommate to be your best friend and think friends will come easily, but it’s not as simple as that. Lauren says what I’m betting we’ve all felt: loneliness, fear, lack of confidence, etc. at college.

Her storytelling feels like you’re sitting with her at Common Grounds just talking about life together.

Favorite Chapter: There is a chapter titled “How Real Are You Willing To Be?” that really struck a chord with me. I think all of us struggle with vulnerability and courage, and I loved Lauren talking about going to a campus worship night by herself. I felt like in college there were always things I wanted to go to but feared going alone. By the end of college, I had gotten more confident in going to events and places without a friend.

Lauren talks about how she meets her future roommate at that worship night, and I think that’s so encouraging for every reader. You never know what you’re missing out on until you just go and try.

Favorite Quote: We discover who we are when we celebrate other people.

Y E S TO THIS. Something I’m really learning about lately.

Where to Order: Amazon has plenty of copies for $17. Click here to get a copy (or two or three!) of your own today!



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