Your Next Read: Praying The Bible

I stumbled upon this book on accident, but I’m so glad I did. I struggle so much with keeping my mind and my prayers focused. I always feel so repetitive. I spoke more on this book and what I learned in a recent blog called The Power of Prayer. Check it out here!

Rating: 5/5 stars. It’s a very short read. You could probably read it in one sitting, but I broke it up and read a chapter every day for 10 days while I was doing my quiet time with Jesus each morning. It’s such a practical and effective read.

Summary: Donald Whitney has written an incredible resource that should be promoted by the church in my opinion. He teaches on how to change your prayers from repetitive to empowering and fresh every day by praying through the Bible. Specifically in Psalms. He talks about how to pray through other parts of the Bible, but in my opinion the sections about praying through Psalms are the most helpful.

How does this change your prayers? You take one Psalm a day and pray through each line. Yes, you’re still praying about similar things that you would normally pray for, but I’ve found that it’s also brought to light things that I have long forgotten to praise the Lord for. There is a schedule for each day so you skim through five psalms, choose one to pray through, and pray as long as you time for.

You’ll be shocked how much longer you can pray by using this method!

For Fans Of: What If It’s True by Charles Martin. One of my all-time favorite books!

Where to Order: Amazon has copies for $11. Click here to order your copy today. And let me know your thoughts if you read through this book and / or try this method! I am really wanting to learn more about prayer, so if you have any tips or tricks drop them below!



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