What If 2020 Wasn’t Against You, But Was For You?

I heard this question asked on a podcast the other day, and I paused: What if 2020 WAS for me? I’ve viewed it as a tough, rough year, as we all probably have.

But here’s the thing: maybe it was time to plant a new crop. I can speak for myself when I say what I had growing in the spring wasn’t going to be fruitful. The crop had weeds growing up beside it choking out the nutrients. So what happened? The crop was wiped out.

And what I needed was a fresh slate. It was time I went back to the drawing board with God. We had a break from what was “normal” to see what we considered to be “normal” wasn’t healthy. A constant, full schedule wasn’t healthy. No true day of Sabbath wasn’t healthy. Working all day and watching Netflix when I got home wasn’t healthy.

Every action causes a reaction, and my body was beginning to react poorly to my decisions. I was constantly tired, feeling overworked, and then we slammed on brakes.

This time I didn’t hurriedly plant the crop, but God and I worked together to create something that would be bountiful. Each season bears a different fruit, different crop, and I know this one will be special.

God and I have been working slow to rebuild the foundation He has me on. And for someone that constantly was in a hurry, that hasn’t been easy. But I know God is for me which means this year is for me.

Who could stop us when God is for us?

Three questions to ask yourself this week:

  1. What habits did you have before COVID-19 that you’re letting go of moving forward?
  2. What ways have you seen that God is for you this year?
  3. What can you do this week to take a step closer to who God is calling you to be?

I’d love to hear your answers if you’re comfortable sharing. Journal them down! Write them where you can find them again a year from now and remember how God turned this into a year that was FOR YOU.



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