a year ago, i was pretty new to nashville. i didn’t know that many people, was really homesick for auburn and my people, and really hated grad school.

while i was driving around nashville today, i started thinking about who and where i was a year ago. i’ve seen answered prayers in the friends that have become my people here and my church home that showcases Jesus so clearly and in my neighborhood and so many other ways.

going through these thoughts made me feel really in awe of Jesus today. i wouldn’t have chosen this story for myself. i would have kept it simple. but God has made us to be complex people with intricately woven stories and the threads He weaves together are more vibrant than the strands i would’ve chosen.

the forging has really come through walking in the fire. it’s been uncomfortable but that’s when I see Him working most clearly.

these pictures aren’t anything special but to me the leaves changing feels significant. we don’t ever know when the seasons will begin to change and that’s how i feel about the story God is writing. i don’t know when it will shift or what will happen next. this year i’ve been asking Him to shut the doors that shouldn’t be open and to usher me through the ones I should walk into and I think He’s heard me loud and clear on that. i just didn’t want to forget today, when i recognized how much He’s done for me and how i love nashville and seasons changing and my heart changing with it.

thank You Jesus for knowing better and wanting better for me. i’m so grateful for this place. i’m so grateful for this life.



One thought on “Gratefulness.

  1. Great photos.

    Autumn is my fav time of the year, mainly for the colours and falling leaves. It is always good to reflect, and your post has made me do so as well. In a far better place now than I was a year ago, both mentally and physically. Of course, 2020 brought along new challenges, but as I heard in a recent video, “the go-getters of this world always rise to the occasion no matter what happens.” When the rules of the game change you must change also, otherwise you get left behind.

    Enjoy your week. 🙂


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