Your Next Read: The Guest List

Happy NYE friends! One last book review of 2020!

Guess my roommates know me well because Sav gave me a book stamp that says “From The Library of Mary Spencer Veazey” and Jane gave me this WILD READ. It started off slow. I was certain I’d be able to predict the way this book would turn, but around page 70 it started getting crazy and completely spins out of control and there is no way I would’ve ever predicted all that happens. I was totally shook. You can tell the author has quite a talent. There is no way she rushed writing this one because it is so deliberately tied together.

Rating: 4/5 stars. If you want a little bit of a spooky murder mystery to start off 2020 then this one is for you. (Also, this one is a Reese’s Book Club pick if you are a fan of any of her other picks!)

Summary: Will and Jules seem to be mad about each other. After months of knowing each other, a wedding begins to form and takes place in Ireland. Jules owns a flourishing magazine company and Will is the star of a TV show. But the picture perfect couple, along with their friends, have tons and tons of secrets that unravel as the wedding weekend begins. Someone turns up dead. But who? And who did it? I read online someone describe this book as a part Agatha Christie, part “Big, Little Lies” read and that feels reaaaal accurate. Okay, that’s all I can say.

For Fans Of: Big Little Lies, Agatha Christie, The Couple Next Door, all the things.

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