Your Next Read: That Sounds Fun by Annie F. Downs


Y’all already know how I feel about Annie F. Downs. I feel like we’re already friends, and I especially feel that way after reading this book. I also feel like Annie has been following me because in the book AFD talks about Sevier Park (where I go for a walk almost every day), Georgia (aka my home state), Cross Point (my home church), the Ryman (my favorite concert venue), TPAC (I had season tickets pulled up on my phone for TPAC right before I read this chapter), and soccer (y’all know this is MY sport!!). So has she been following me or are we already friends? The world may never know until June 11 when I meet her at her show!

I needed a happy, encouraging read and this felt like talking to a friend. The past year has been HARD. This past year has left me wondering what I really aspire my life to look like and where my life will be lived and who it will be lived with. That Sounds Fun touched a little bit on everything I’ve been feeling. It’s so fun reading a book that talks about your favorite places in your city: Nashville. I know Nashville is where I’m supposed to be and sometimes there’s a love / hate relationship with this city, but I see so much growth in each day that passes and I saw in this book that there is a lot of life that can be lived fully right where I am.

If you haven’t already read some of AFD’s books, go pick them up now! I’ve never been disappointed and even if you’re not a huge nonfiction reader I have a feeling you may still really love this read.

PS, would be a realllll good beach read if you’ve got a trip coming up. And if you take it to the beach tag me so I can vicariously live through your time by the ocean. I cannot describe how ready I am to go to on vacation in a few months!!!

One thought on “Your Next Read: That Sounds Fun by Annie F. Downs

  1. It’s Sunday afternoon and I wish I could get the book and start reading right now. I have a friend moving to Nashville and I want you two to meet. She is not quiet as I’ll as me but she is young at heart and a sweet Christian friend. Will let you know more when she settles in. Love I am sending your way. ❤️

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