Your Next Read: Big Summer by Jennifer Weiner

Rating: 3/5 stars.

Although it wasn’t my favorite read of the summer, it was a fun, light read by the pool! I think the reason I didn’t rate this book higher is because it talks a lot about power and influence through social media and I’m just kind of burnt out on the facade of social media. The first half of the book is a lot lighter than the last half. I thought it was interesting how it switched from fun, summer read to mystery!

Big Summer follows the life of Daphne Berg. Daphne is a social media influencer that gained an audience after standing her ground during a showdown with a man that said ugly things to he about being plus-sized. Daphne is from a middle class family but was afforded the opportunity to go to a fancy high school on scholarship. At this school she became friends with Drue Cavanaugh, who is wealthy, influential, and self-centered.

Drue befriends Daphne in high school and Daphne feels so honored to be her friend, but then their friendship goes down in flames and they don’t speak for years… until Drue gets engaged. Drue comes to find Daphne and asks her to be her maid of honor. The wedding day doesn’t exactly turn out to be what anyone expects it to be and leaves a lot of questions that Daphne needs to find answers to.

Definitely a relatable read in the sense that friendships, especially female friendships, can get complicated and sticky!

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