As Seasons Change.

Fall is my favorite. This is my third fall in Nashville and each year I am always in awe of the ways the leaves change and how the streets are covered in orange and red foliage.

A few weeks ago I had a half-day of prayer for work. I went to one of my favorite parks called Sevier Park and hung up my eno and cozied up with some blankets and my journal and Bible and spent some time (some overdue extended time, I might add) with Jesus. When I first got to the park, there was no one around which rarely happens in Sevier Park.

I looked around soaking up all the pretty trees and watched a gust of wind take some of the leaves off of the trees. As they began to fall to the ground, I thought about what the next season of life holds. What is the Lord trying to strip me of in order to bring something new in its place? Every year the leaves fall, but no one doubts that the trees will be filled with new life come spring.

What could I remove to make room for something new that the Lord might have for me?

In my Bible study we’ve been going through a book called “None Like Him” by Jen Wilkin and one of the chapters is about how God is immutable. He is unable to change. We as humans change all the time. Sometimes for good, other times for bad, but we are incapable of being immutable. Our seasons ebb and flow moment by moment, but Who we cling to will not change.

I’ve been watching this new Netflix show called “Maid” and my oh my is it fantastic. The acting is incredible and the storyline is really sobering to what reality is like for some people. This woman is in an emotionally abusive relationship with the father of their child, and it’s difficult to break the cycle of what’s familiar to her in order for a better life. She lacks true community. Her mother isn’t exactly the kind of person that can speak life into her and neither are her friends. She has to break old habits and bring new people into her life. The right community can speak into the situations they see and help us recognize that we need more.

I don’t think my life is in need of any drastic changes, but maybe there are a few habits I could break. Maybe there are people I could intentionally spend more time with to better myself and learn from.

So while the trees shed their foliage maybe we shed what’s not serving us too and layer our lives on a foundation on a Father that is unchanging and unmoving. Immutable.

Today I give thanks to a Father who is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Thank You, Lord.



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