Your Next Read: Get Your Life Back by John Eldredge

A read I needed and will reread to remind myself of how to re-center myself each day and bring Christ to the center. John Eldredge has developed an app called the “Pause” app and it is based off what he teaches in the book. This app has been so helpful for me daily when I need a moment to take a deep breath and release it all to the Lord. I 10/10 recommend this app and this book!

Summary: With the world going mad and turning on the news every day to see more bad than good, I needed to be reminded of Whose I was and how to reclaim peace in my soul. This book isn’t a book that you’ll want to read fast; you’ll want to soak up each page and begin to apply Eldredge’s teachings to your every day life.

I’m bad about reading books like this, being inspired for a time, then forgetting about it all together, but I’m going to work to try and apply what this book teaches because I know if I do I can reclaim the peace and restoration God has for me. This book reminded me also of how much good it does my soul to be outdoors and see God’s creation all around me. Pick up this book and download the Pause app and see your mindset begin to shift back to Jesus.

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