Psalm 69

Today I’ve been praying over Psalm 69. I just happened to flip open to this passage in Psalm, and I started journaling my own prayer from what I read.

Here’s my prayer for today:

Save me from myself, Lord. There is no foothold for me to keep climbing without Your specific design for my next step. Give me a confidence that embodies Your love because I’m so at peace with Your perfect design for my life.

For those I don’t always get along with, give them love and care knowing they are Yours and can be Yours if they aren’t already.

You know my every thought and how I’ve fallen short. Please forgive my wrongdoings. Do not let my shortcomings turn others from You. Do not let me pull others down because I’ve fallen short.

In moments of my life, I have been at rock bottom and You alone can save me every time. You give in abundance and cherish my soul. You are faithful to Your children and withhold nothing from us that is meant for us.

Lift my head above the waves and teach me to soar. I don’t want to drown. I want to breathe deeply knowing You are working for my good.

You know I’ve fallen short yet You love me anyway. This world will not comfort me eternally; I must turn to You. I will praise You and put You above everything else. You listen to me and free me from the chains I’ve been in.

May we praise You and worship Your name above every name. I love You, Lord.


xo, msv

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