My Firstfruits.

Offer Up Your Firstfruits

I live in what most would consider to be a nice area, but it has not been exempt from crime. Over the past few months, almost weekly someone tries to break into my car or into the Airbnb’s by our house.

I went almost two months where I did not sleep through the night. I would wake up around 3 am in a panic thinking someone was breaking in. I was on edge every day, lacking sleep and peace of mind.

Recently, I called a Christian counseling center. I had never been to counseling before, but I had heard a trusted voice say that you want to get in counseling before a crisis occurs, not while it’s happening. I thought that sounded like wise advice, so I did an intake session and was told it would probably be a month or so before I would be able to get off the waitlist.

That sounded fine to me, I wasn’t in crisis.

That very same night, I was home alone. At 3 am I woke up in a panic. I heard footsteps and voices. I grabbed my phone unsure of what to do – should I call 911 or was I hearing things?

I locked myself in my bathroom and called my boyfriend. He arrived and looked all around but everything seemed fine. I finally came down the stairs and had him check every room. I felt like a child and a fool, there was no one there.

I felt like a stranger in my own body. Why was my mind against me?

This year, I’ve been trying to read through the Bible start to finish but I’ve been stuck in Deuteronomy for months. Talk about a weird book of the Bible?

I’ve been asking myself two questions while reading Deuteronomy:

  1. What does this teach me about God?
  2. What does this teach me about the way I should live?

As I asked myself this, I recognized how desperately God wanted His children to make Him their priority. He wanted their firstfruits. He wanted glory.

And behold, now I bring the first of the fruit of the ground, which you, O Lord, have given me. And you shall set it down before the Lord your God and worship before the Lord your God. – Deuteronomy 26:10

This summer, I didn’t have much to give but God wanted me anyway. He wanted whatever I could offer.

That’s all He wants from you too. He’s asking for what you have so He can multiply and create abundance.

If you’re in a season of twists, turns and dead ends crying out to God for answers, He hears you. Sometimes we never get the answers we’re searching for. In those moments of desperation is when your faith has the opportunity to go deeper than you’ve ever gone. Trusting Him in unknown territory is the biggest leap of faith, but He will show up for you in all those bitter moments.

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