Last spring, I created a resume for my cousin and friends of hers began asking me to create theirs too, and it eventually turned into a side gig for me. I am excited to be relaunching my resume business!

Here’s how it works:

Reach out to me at We will discuss what you want your resume to look like. I will either have you send me your old resume or you will fill out a Google Form with all the info I should need depending on how much is on your old resume.

Then, you will Venmo or PayPal me for your resume! (Venmo: @MarySpencer-Veazey & PayPal: I will then begin working on your resume, and will have it done within 14 days of me collecting all your information.

Sound good? Reach out to me at for more information.


Resume – $115

LinkedIn Revamp (Rewrite about bio, update job titles, create personalized header and custom URL, etc.) – $45

Below are three of my most popular resume styles! I have marked out their personal information with white boxes. If you have something specific you’d like, I can create pretty much anything.

Looking forward to working with you and can’t wait to help you create and enhance your resume!