Critical Review: Whisper Network

I feel really lucky to have friends that love to read as much as me! My girl, Ashley Pruitt, gave me some books before she moved from Nashville and this read was one of them. Whisper Network came out last year, and the themes about women in the workplace were very relatable and intriguing. I do think some parts were a little overdramatic and the point of view was confusing at some places throughout the book. There were a lot of characters to keep up with which I didn’t like. I loved the last 50-100 pages of the book! Wish it had been like that throughout.

Also, maybe I wouldn’t have been so confused at first about all the characters at first if I hadn’t started this read during my finals week… that’s on me.

Rating: 3 / 5 stars. I don’t think I’ll read this one again, but I am glad I read it. Women in the workplace face different challenges than men, and I found that to be a very relatable and interesting theme.

Summary: Grace, Sloane, and Ardie have worked at Truviv Inc. for years. (Truviv is a Dallas based athletic wear company… think Nike type vibes). They’ve navigated marriage, divorce, and motherhood all while working full-time. They’re lawyers. Truviv’s CEO dies suddenly and it looks like the man up for the job as the next CEO is someone they all have somewhat of a complicated past with… Ames. He has harrassed women in the office for years and always gotten away with it. A list starts getting passes around throughout Dallas with names of men to watch out for due to the way they treat women. Ames’s name gets added to that list, and then the story really begins to fall apart… or come together?

Genre: Thriller & Suspense

For Fans Of: Big, Little Lies. MAJOR Big, Little Lies vibes. Which makes sense since it’s a Reese’s Book Club pick. Her picks have been hit or miss for me lately. Not always my jam!

And that’s all folks for my latest book review! Not a “Your Next Read” pick, but definitely a book with a thoughtful storyline.



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