The Sky is Falling.

I woke up a couple Saturdays ago at 6:30 am to a loud crash. I thought someone was breaking in. So what did I do? Just have a panic attack laying in my bed not moving. Then, I realized I was having a nightmare.

I turned over and went back to bed. Groggily, I got up around 8:30 and walked into the kitchen to grab my phone. As I walked in, I realized half of my kitchen ceiling was now lying on our floor. No joke.

In complete shock, I woke up everyone else in our house, called our landlord to explain our ceiling was lying on the floor, and wondered how this had even happened. When our maintenance crew came they explained that years of water damage had accumulated which led to this. But they said the weird part was there were no prior signs to water damage on the ceiling like there typically would be.

Sometimes my heart is a little bit like that. From the outside, you can’t see that there is any damage or build up, but internally the water is leaking and I’m beginning to have to hold my breath underwater. Will I be able to find the source of the leak before it’s too late?

Do I let myself crumble before Jesus, the ultimate Builder, can knock the walls down around my heart and rebuild my soul? It gets to that point every now and then when I lack time with the Father, when I don’t come before Him in prayer.

I also see similarities in the way our country is so divided currently. An election and a worldwide pandemic? 2020, are you okay?

Politics have become the god of some people in our country. Panic and fear has led people to point fingers at those on the other side of their beliefs and make accusations. The news often spreads inaccurate information which leads many to believe things that simply aren’t true or builds distrust in the media for those that see through the lies. What can you believe at this point?

Here’s what: our Father IS in control no matter who wins the election. He will still be seated on the throne.

I love those who disagree and agree with me. I’m so glad that there are opinions that are different than mine. It would be like if we all worked for the same company and just went along with whatever one person said all the time. We would never have any innovation or pressure to create new and exciting things.

I’ve seen a lot of statements like: “Unfriend me if you’re going to vote for *insert president candidate here.*” I’ve seen comments about both men / parties.

I make choices every day that God disagrees with yet He loves me anyway. What if we loved the people we disagreed with regardless? It’s not supposed to be this way. Don’t let satan win this battle.

And heck I’m preaching to myself too. Sometimes it’s hard to understand why people believe what they believe, but I’m going to try really hard to learn from them and love the people around me.

We’ll make it through 2020 and new challenges will present themselves and the sky may continue to fall (although I hope my ceiling doesn’t again.)

Let go of your situation, turn to God, talk to Him. Take down the walls, let Him in. It’ll change you.



2 thoughts on “The Sky is Falling.

  1. I love you much and I know we all have times we wonder what is going on. My answer is like yours: Talk to God he is always with you. Have Faith and Trust in HIM (even when the ceiling falls). ❤️

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